Biography of Nepal Idol Contestant Buddha Lama

Buddha Lama is one of the strongest contestants of Nepal Idol. Buddha Lama is one of the rising star of Nepali music industry. He has been able to win the heart of audiences and been able to keep his position in Top 6 of the show. He has a very sweet voice and Nepal idol is that platform which made him shine like that currently.  

Buddha was born in a beautiful city of the country Pokhara in Kaski district. So, he has a god support from Pokhara and Kaski district. He started his singing at very young age. However, Nepal Idol act as the best platform in his success.

Till the episode Buddha Lama has never been in danger zone yet so, the people have believe that he will win the first season of Nepal Idol in near future. He does not have his fans in Pokhara and Kaski district but also he has fan all over the country. Buddha Lama as a participants of Nepal Idol he got a great chance to explore himself and his singing capability.