Goodbye 2020!

July 22, 2020

-Hira Bahadur Karki

Did you know? Did you realize? She was so sexy, generous & gorgeous. She eased our lives with her various gifts back in the years. She improved our lives with Technology, Artificial Intelligence, Innovations, Smartphone, Internet revolutions. She did so much for us & we did literally nothing.

Nothing. We mankind enjoyed her teenage so much. Gone are the days.


Surprisingly & Shockingly, while she was transiting her teenage to young adulthood, from her novel 19 to 20s she hit us so hard with a terrible & deadlier gift of Covid-19. This transition of her is really ferocious. We have lost our friends. We have lost our Jobs. Business. Lives.  She has gone absolutely Merciless.


Fear. Anxiety. Uncertainty. Insecurity. Frustration. Complexity. Ambiguity & on & on. Good & Bad. If we enjoy the good we must accept the Bad in Good & Good in Bad too. While frustrated with her disastrous gift We must appreciate all of her good gifts to us back then.  Probably she is wanting everyone of us to change or be ready for upcoming compulsory transformation in our entire life from personal to professional, our daily lifestyle, every single habits and style to work. Anyway, she has left us with no choice but to accept her forced gift but stay resilient.


2020 is the year to stop, think, observe & plan again. It is a forced pause in life which can only go 3 ways: Pause, resume stronger & better. Pause & do nothing. Pause & weaken ourselves. Do you reckon with me? Staying stronger is not impossible but quite challenging for sure. Acceptance of this challenge against Uncertainty & Insecurity and becoming resilient has no option.


Friends at Quarantine, Hospital Beds, ICUs & Isolations, I wish all of you the best of your health & soonest recovery. Friends who lost their lives, Rest in Peace Dears. I will also have to join you sooner or later. Death is ultimate truth of our life. And Friends, You might have lost your dearest ones; I wish all of you a super strength to stay stronger. And You, probably lost your jobs &businesses,wish you all the ability to bounce back soon. And dear everyone, I hope you are healthier & happy where you are. If you asked me “What about You Hira?” … I would skip 2020 from my life’s calendar and start a new year, new beginning, new planning from today without this scary and illusionary coronavirus in mind. I would say Goodbye to Bitter memory of the most bitter experience of mankind. Memories are sweeter but not necessarily always. Goodbye 2020! Rest in Peace. Sorry Century, I had to delete one of your vibrant and violent year.


Though we are HOPELESS I would say we still have hopeless hopes where wecan stop, look & move.

Come on! Get up! Make Up! Put your smart dress on. Heat up your frozen soul. Activate your smartest brain. Drink all the energy boosters you stored in your heart, mind & soul. Level up your super consciousness. Buckle Up! Lets stop worrying, start maneuvering our lives.