Indian tourist dead in Thai teenage gang shoot-out

October 9, 2018


BANGKOK(AFP) - A shoot-out between two teenage gangs in a popular shopping district in Bangkok left at least one Indian tourist dead and four others injured, a health official said Monday. 

The deadly skirmish occurred Sunday night in central Bangkok's Pratunam district, a tourist-friendly area known for its cheap shopping and night markets. 

Police spokesman Colonel Krissana Pattanacharoen said in a press statement several teenagers "had an argument, and started shooting in a small alley near a Bangkok mall". 
There was a group of Indian tourists waiting for a tour bus nearby when gunfire broke out. 

"Police are still hunting for the group of teenagers," the statement said. 
A health official from Bangkok's Erawan Center -- the dispatch centre for the city's emergency medical services -- told AFP that one Indian tourist died, and there are four others who were injured. 

"One is a Lao who was admitted to the police hospital who is still alive," the hospital official said.