Barsha Siwakoti writes letter to Barsha Raut

After a long speculations and rumors of tiff and differences between Barsha Siwakoti and Barsha Raut, Barsha Siwakoti has posted a status where she has written an emotional letter to Barsha Raut. In the status she has about their friendship with each other and what kind of bond do they have.


Both of them have many similarities, like they have the same name. Barsha Siwakoti and Barsha Raut have worked together in many music videos. They have both achieved a lot in music videos and are doing great in movies. They also did their films in the same time. Both made their movie debut after working in music videos.


Now the two model turned actresses are very busy with their movies and are having a clash on Jestha 3. This is definitely not their fault as an actor their work is to act in the movie and this clash is out of their control.