Bhadragol latest episode

"Bhadragol" is a Nepali comedy serial that is broadcasted by the Nepal Television. The program is on aired every Friday. The program is one of the most popular Nepali comedy shows. The main characters of the programs are Jigri bro which is played by Kumar Kattel.

Kumar Kattel is also the brother of famous comedy actor and philanthropist Sitaram Kattel who is popularly known as Dhurmus from the popular Nepali teleserial "Meri Bassai". Other famous characters of the show are Pade, Cockroach, Bale and Rakshya.

Today's we have been presenting you the 129th episode of Bhadragol. Today's episode starts with Rakshya and her friend in a hotel/ restaurant. Hey are talking with each other. Rakshya asks her friend about her boyfriend and her friend is expressing her emotion and problems she has been facing because of her boyfriend.

Listening to her friend's problem Rakshya even suspects with her boyfriend Jigri and goes towards Jigri. There too she sees Jigri is sending message to someone when she ask him he replies he is sending message to his friend.

When she asks the name of friend, Jigri says he even don’t know name and don’t know who he/ she is because it’s his facebook friend. Raskhsya get aggressive and goes from their getting mad at him.

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