Don’t eat thee foods

Of late, the Nepali society has turned open and the issues of the bedroom are now not limited within the four walls. The talks of satisfaction and dissatisfaction in s3x have been heard and people are now open to spill their bedroom's behavior. Families have been torn apart due to dissatisfaction of partner in s3exual behavior. Here in the video, we are presenting before you food to avoid before s3x.

Garlic: Avoid garlic as it is the main cause for bad breath and also inflames your stomach. The inflamed stomach and bad breath are indeed bad for the act.

Paneer: Paneer is also one of the favorite foods for most of us. But, consumption of the food is not good for the act and it is suggested to avoid the food before the act. It is said that the food will decrease the desire for the act.

Red meat: Red meat is also not recommended before the act. Red meat has high calories and it take long time for our body to digest. Consumption of red meat causes quick sleep and laziness. What are the other foods to avoid? Watch the video for full information.

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