Pramila Rai journey to Nepal Idol ends

Nepal Idol is the first international reality singing program in Nepal and Nepalese television history. Nepal Idol reality singing competition broadcasted from AP1 TV, Nepal. The series aims to find new solo recording artists from Nepal and the winner would be decided by viewers' votes through the internet, telephone or a text messages.

First international singing reality show 'Nepal Idol' is getting more exciting and popular. And Nepal Idol already have got top 6 contestants from yesterday's episode. Yesterday, Nepal Idol Gala Round Episode 27 is also an elimination round. From top 7 contestants one contestants will be eliminated and the contestants who was eliminated this time was Pramila Rai.

Three contestants were in Bottom 3: Pratap Das, Sujata Pandey and Pramila Rai. Among three Suajata and Pratap were safe and Pramila got eliminated. Pramila  Rai is one of the strong contestants of Nepal Idol. She is very talented and beautiful girl having beautiful voice and powerful voice.

Pramila has been giving mesmerizing and rocking performances in the earlier episodes of Nepal Idol though she was in danger zone for more than 2 times but was being safe but in this episode, the journey of Pramila to Nepal Idol ends. When Pramila was eliminated, the entire stage of Nepal Idol got emotional. Judges, participants and audiences were crying at the farewell of Pramila.


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