Pramila Rai performs with Sagar Ale and Pratap Das

Here in the video we can see an amazing trio performance given by Pratap Das, Pramila Rai and Sagar Ale. They had sung a song called Ukalima Jada Jadai. The song is taken from the movie A Mero Hajur 2. The original song is usng by Rajesh Payal Rai and Indira Joshi.

The music of the song is composed by Basanta Sapkota. Here in the video we can see them performing so nicely. The judges were also impressed by their performance. On the 27th episode of Nepal idol many interesting things were seen. They theme of the program was to sing songs of their judges.

Everyone sung the composition or song of the judges. Since this was an elimination round, one contestant had to be eliminated despite of having so good times earlier. Pramila Rai has been eliminated from the show. Now only six contestants are left in the show. The show is getting more interesting and popular.

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