This is why you should never use your phone while on the toilet

Mobile phone is a portable communication device. It is a hanging art work or we can say a toy. These are the era of electronic devices including TV, computer, laptops, mobile phone and on. All the people use mobile phone as it is very comfortable to carry as well as very useful.

Since the introduction of mobile phones into our lives, there has been controversy surrounding whether they are safe to use or not. Mobile phones are convenient to carry and to stay in touch with friends and relatives. These days, mobile have been life of the people. Wherever, whatever they have been doing they preferred to use mobile phones. But the question is it safe to use mobile phones in toilet?

In our technology obsessed society, it is not surprising that people are using their phones everywhere even when going to the bathroom. Do you even use mobile phones while you are in bathroom, then be aware, it may even take your life.

To chat, speak and to play game in mobile while you are in bathroom means to play with your health. These habits even can take your life. Even the experts have said that using mobile phones in toilet is very effective in health.

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